Avenue as a prominent name delivering high end services in the arena like Installation & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance including validation and site acceptance testing, would like to collaborate with your esteemed appellation for future alliances.

Our axiom is to convey a high-end and smooth on-site installation decked with a pertinent plan and robust communication structure, along with cutting-edge tools and machinery, accomplished labour, effective team leaders and a vision to move high, hence ensuring our collaborators get nothing but the best.

The USP lies in installation of electrical equipment, laying of power and signal cables and wiring, extension of existing plants, provisional power supply, reducing life cycle costs, optical fibre connectors, installation of plant earthing system, installation of power plants and complex industrial plants, reconstruction, supervision and consulting for plant construction, interventions, repair of damages, to name a few.

Our care-free packages include a wide assortment of Operation &Maintenance services, guaranteeing a demarcated performance level for the given electrical network. The focus lies on:

ü  Expansion of service packages, reformed in accordance with individual needs and expectations

ü  Personalised services engrossed on technical and regulatory asset performance. The financial performance plays a crucial role here.

ü  Performance assurance and performance assessment

We help safeguard optimal performance at prevailing power plants and deliver design consultation services for plants that are going through their planning stage.